Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System

The CYCO Fog Cannon has been designed to tackle the problem of airborne dust particles generated by open mining activities, general demolition work and bulk material handling Fog Cannon has been shown to suppress up to 95% of airborne dust particles. The smaller units are ideal for suppressing dust where it is generated in high concentrations at easily defined point sources such as discharging onto stockpiles, discharging into ships, reclaiming from stockpiles, dumping, crushing and loading/unloading trucks. In this case the Fog Cannon is directed at the point source of dust and it rapidly suppresses the emitted dust before it can disperse. The larger units are where Fog Cannon are unique, as they are able to suppress general airborne open area dust through fogging the general area. The larger units are also capable of suppressing dust caused by high volume dust events such as blasting – and the long throw distance is usually necessary for this. Fog Cannons are also useful for dust suppression of stockpiles where their low water use is an advantage.

CYCO Fog Cannon

Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System

The principle of dust suppression of CYCO fog cannon is to atomize water into water droplets with dust size through high pressure, and under the action of fan, the water fog is projected to far away. The dust particles become wet by contacting with the water droplets, and the wetted dust particles continue to adsorb other dust particles and gradually condense into particle clusters and settle under their own gravity. CYCO fog machine can produce 30-120um water mist particles, and the dust particles in the dust starting point or work area become wet by contacting with each other. The fixed fog cannon has a left and right rotation angle of ±160°, and has the ability to completely suppress dust below 200 microns, and the water content of the material surface only increases by 0.3%.

What is a Fog Cannon and how does it work?

In simple terms, a fog cannon uses highly pressurised water which is pumped through a series of jet nozzles, turning the water into mist through atomisation. This fine mist is dispersed through the air by a powerful fan.

The cannons are strategically placed near sources of dust, such as open tip areas, haul roads or loading areas. When dust particles hit the mist, the particles are captured and the water dissipates before ever having the chance to spread.

Industrial fog cannons for odour and dust control, with two decades of experience under its belt, CYCO Spraying Technology has already accrued extensive expertise in dust control. This is expressed in an extensive range of fog spray cannons with a variety of options. Will you use a mobile or fixed frame? And which power supply do you want to use: grid power or a generator? The options are endless, ensuring we have a suitable machine for each project.

System Advantages:

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CYCO Fog Cannon Feature

The air outlet of the fog cannon is equipped with a stainless-steel water ring and a special nozzle. The water mist particles are uniform and concentrated. The nozzle is durable. The guide vanes adopt a sinusoidal copper tooth design,which effectively reduces aerodynamic noise.
The electronic control system uses PLC programmable controller as the core control component of the system. The remote control and other related parts are from well- known brands to ensure the stability and reliability of the control system.
The automatic steering system adopts a gear transmission structure and is controlled by a limit travel switch, which can meet any pitch angle of 360 degrees in the horizontal direction.The hydraulic system consists of two hydraulic cylinders and a hydraulic pump station, and is equipped with a locking device to operate smoothly and adapt to the needs of angular rotation.
The impeller is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, and the blade shape is an airfoil design, with high efficiency, good aerodynamic performance and low noise.
The vertical stainless steel multi-stage core pump has a compact structure and saves equipment space; it does not need to add lubricating oil for maintenance. Itis made of stainless steel and has excellent corrosion resistance.
The pitch angle hydraulic system consists of two hydraulic cylinders and a hydraulic pump station, and is equipped with a locking device to ensure smooth operation.

Fog Cannon Applications

CYCO Fog Cannon Series

30m Fog Cannon
40m Fog Cannon
50m Fog Cannon
60m Fog Cannon
70m Fog Cannon
80m Fog Cannon
100m Fog Cannon
120m Fog Cannon
150m Fog Cannon
Air Blown Fog Cannon
Coal Mine Fog Cannon
Coal Shed Dust Removal Fog Cannon
Coal Yard Fog Cannon
Environmentally Friendly Dust Suppression High Pressure Fog Cannon
Explosion Proof Fog Cannon
Fixed Fog Cannon
Fully Automatic Fog Cannon
Fully Automatic Ultra Fine Fog Cannon
Movable Fog Cannon
Stainless Steel Fog Cannon
Towed Fog Cannon
Ultra Low Emission Dust Removal Fog Cannon For Steel Mills
Vehicle Mounted Fog Cannon

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