Applications of Spray Technology in the Food and Beverage Industry

Spray technology plays a critical role in the food and beverage industry, offering solutions for various processes to improve efficiency, quality, and safety.

The applications range from automated spraying, spray drying, tank cleaning, and humidification. CYCO’s nozzles and spray systems create value for each customer.

Food and Beverage Applications

Automated Precision Coating

The CYCO solenoid valve nozzle, when used with the CYCO automated spray control system, can enhance precision, reduce waste and overspray, and save time and effort.

When precise spraying, moisturizing, or preservative application is needed, the 2205-A automatic spray control system is an ideal choice, available in both air atomizing and electric/pneumatic hydraulic types. When using the Changyuan automatic spray control system, precise spray control can achieve automatic flow regulation according to production line speed changes.

CYCO Tank Cleaning / Washing

The CYCO provides range of nozzles and innovative nozzle technologies as well as a large selection of sizes and materials for the cleaning and rinsing of containers, tanks, induction hoppers as well as for homogenizing tank contents. If you need static spray ball, or rotational spray ball, which is good for washing tanks and large vessels, CYCO will be a good choice!

CYCO has two self-owned factories, which ensures significant advantages in product pricing and delivery time.

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Spray Drying

Converting liquid food products like milk, coffee, and flavors into powdered form by spraying them into a hot air chamber, ensuring rapid drying and preservation of quality.

spray drying

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