March 28, 2022

Functional application of industrial nozzles


Cleaning semiconductor wafers
Cleaning of electronic circuit boards
High pressure cleaning of cement mixer
Pre-treatment chemical cleaning of automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances, etc.
Cleaning of workshop floors
Glass cleaning in the mirror industry
Cleaning the sand on the screen
Cleaning of iron sand on conveyor belt
Cleaning of felts and meshes in paper mills
Tank and container inner wall cleaning
Cleaning of fruits and vegetables
Bottle cap cleaning in food processing plants
Mirror Industry Glass Cleaning
Cleaning industrial equipment
Pretreatment of metal surfaces
Bottle, tank, container cleaning
High-pressure water descaling of rolled steel surfaces

Spraying, coating

Syrup spraying on sponge cakes, egg coating on cakes
Anti-dust spray for image tubes
Color spray for dragee
Adhesive spraying of plywood for building materials
Phosphate metal parts
Airless spray or spray paint
tablet coating
Spray rust inhibitor
Coated coils in paper mills
Spray the product with dye for easy identification
Grease before baking
Spray additives and condiments on food
Spray protectant on furniture
Spray release agent on mold
Glaze tiles and tiles
oiling metal surfaces
Inner wall spraying of food and beverage cans
Silicone coating on printing cylinder

Cool down

Cold forming of plastic pipes
cooling tower spray
conveyor belt cooling
Quenching after heat treatment
Die cooling
PVC pipe extrusion cooling
Secondary cooling of continuous casting in steel
Roll cooling in steel
storage tank cooling
condenser coil cooling
Kiln tail flue gas cooling
Aluminum rolling cooling
Strip Mill Cooling
Cooling of tools, materials, etc.
Cooling and humidification before electrostatic precipitation and dust removal
Cooling of belt grinders
Direct and indirect cooling of products
cooling granulation
Spray cooling of equipment

Dust control and removal

Mine dust removal
Cement/mixing plant dustproof
Garbage sweeper ground dusting
Remove dust from cupola
Coal Ash Control During Coal Pouring
Dust from chimneys and incinerators
Dust control in coal ash and sand conveying
Dust removal from flue gas towers
Slag pit ash layer control
Dust control in transportation and handling of garbage


Gear, Bearing, Cable Lubrication
Lubrication and rust prevention of iron plates
Lubricant spray for glass bottles
Lubricant spraying in punching engineering
Spray release agent
Lubricate conveyor belts or drive chains
Die lubrication on large forging presses
Hydraulic oil filling
Lubricate blades and springs

Remove, strip

Paper making/edge removal
The label of the bottle is peeled off
Separation options during quality control
Dust removal of glass plates
trimming on paper machine
Sheet metal separation before stamping


Textile workshop humidification
Printing room humidification
Cellophane humidification
Humidity adjustment in printing plants
Fresh Fruit Pickled Pantry Moisturizer
greenhouse humidification
Corrugated paper humidification system
Mobile simple gazebo with temperature adjustment function
Mist generator in the garden


Disinfection of bottle caps
Disinfectant spray cloth for food conveyor belt
Disinfection and cleaning in buildings and workshops

Gas regulation

Scrubbing paint booth air
Gas scrubbing in pipes and cleaning towers
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) removal
Deodorization in the chimney
Air cleaning system in air conditioning system
Iron oxide dust control in steel rolling
Centrifugal wet dust collector
Ammonia spray to eliminate nitrogen oxides
Jet lime slurry for desulfurization
Scrubbing gases, such as deoxygenation

Spray drying

Evaporation pool water circulation
spray dryer
Salt to crystallize
spray granulation


Fire protection in electrical installation area, pressure vessel and coal storage area
Building and Public Building Fire Protection
Fire fighting outside the nuclear power plant
Fire fighting equipment for oil tank and gas tank
Fire spraying for rocket launch pads
Drilling and fire prevention in offshore oil fields

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