July 1, 2024

How can a Fog Cannon be used for Dust Suppression?

With governments cracking down on Dust Pollution, the removable Mist Cannon is a necessity for Mining, Construction, Demolition & Transfer Station worksites. Designed as an all-in-one solution, the high-powered fog cannon has the ability to throw mist up to 120M, suppressing large areas of dust at an extremely fast rate.CYCO Mist Cannon machine can be easily towed around site, allowing you to suppress dust in various locations.


Mist cannons, sometimes known as fog cannons, are fast becoming a popular option for dust suppression at open mine sites, demolition sites and construction sites.They are ideal for use in scenarios where visible dust, rather than respirable sized dust, is a major problem.From now on, we’ll look at how fog cannons operate as well as the types of circumstances they are most effectively used in as a dust suppression solution.



What are the components of a fog cannon dust suppression system?


  • Nozzle: atomize the water into suitable dust-reducing water mist particles, thereby speeding up the dust-reducing speed and making the spraying more uniform.
  • Water pump: The heart of the dust removal fog gun machine, which mainly realizes the delivery of water from the water tank to the nozzle and atomizes the water through high-pressure water flow.
  • Fan: produces high-speed airflow. When the fan wheel rotates, the high-speed airflow is ejected from the air outlet to blow the fine droplets formed by the nozzle atomization to the required area.

Generally, centrifugal fans with convenient driving, high wind pressure, high wind speed and strong air penetration are adopted. The blades adopt backward curved blades with higher total pressure efficiency, which can ensure the spray range and improve the atomization effect.

  • Turning and positioning device: the outlet direction of the air outlet pipe can be rotated 360° in the horizontal plane (generally, it can only be rotated at 350° in actual operation) to adapt to the change of the operating wind direction, and there is another setting in the air outlet pipe. A steering positioning device is used to adjust the elevation angle of the air outlet.


Want to learn more about using Fog Cannons to suppress dust at your site?

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