March 21, 2022

How does the nozzle control the dust in the coal mine

When excavating and loading coal mines, a large amount of dust will be generated. This kind of dust will not only endanger the health of workers, but also affect the operation of work equipment, accelerate the wear and tear of machinery, reduce visibility, and even increase the incidence of accidents.

dust control nozzle

The spray dust suppression system composed of nozzles can effectively control the dust in coal mines.

When mining coal mines, there are two main sources of dust: 1. Dust generated during the crushing process of coal and rock; 2. Coal dust generated during friction and the collapse of coal and rock blocks. At this time, a nozzle can be used to spray atomized water particles under a certain pressure, and the water mist floats in the air and collides with the coal dust, increasing the weight of the coal dust and accelerating its settlement, thereby reducing the coal dust concentration at various underground operating sites. In the transfer point of the mine transportation belt and chute, a separate nozzle can be used for spray dust reduction; in the fully mechanized mining and excavation working face, a straight rod type water purification curtain composed of nozzles can be used. At the same time, due to the working environment, it is necessary to pay attention to the filtration of the water sprayed by the nozzle to prevent the nozzle from being blocked. This type of nozzle generally uses a spiral nozzle.

The above is only for dust with larger particles. For fine coal dust, another type of nozzle can be installed to ensure the dust suppression effect under ideal conditions. The finer particles ejected by the fine atomizing nozzles can be used to capture fine coal dust, and tools such as dust masks and dust caps are not recommended for worker comfort and the sweltering working environment. In addition, the use of water-quality nozzle spray can control the open flame in time, which greatly increases the safety of work.

Coal mine loading is generally carried out using a dumper. Also, due to the friction and crushing of coal and rock, as well as the turning process, a large amount of dust will be generated. At this time, two types of nozzles can also be installed on both sides of the dumper to form a spray system, which simultaneously suppresses large particles and small particles of coal dust, and at the same time humidifies the coal mine to some extent to ensure friction and static electricity during transportation. of spontaneous combustion.

In short, coal mines can use nozzles to suppress dust from excavation, loading, and even transportation and use. Compared with other dust suppression equipment, the spray system composed of nozzles is more convenient, more economical and safer to install and use. And through the combination of nozzles, the problem that most equipment cannot be completed in one step can be solved, making the work of coal mine workers more comfortable and safer.

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