March 16, 2022

How to choose humidification nozzle in workshop?

Humidification nozzle selection, there are many humidification nozzles on the market at present, the flow rate is also divided into many types, and the environment used is also very different. As a humidification nozzle manufacturer, we will basically recommend different humidification according to different customer environments. today we will introduce in detail how to choose the humidification nozzle in the workshop.

How to choose a workshop humidification nozzle

Customers need to pay attention to the following points when choosing this nozzle:

1. The first is the humidity requirements of the humidification workshop, and different humidification nozzles are selected according to different workshop environments. If you are afraid of dripping water, you can choose a dry fog humidifier.

2. The second difference is whether it is a high-pressure or low-pressure spray device. If the spray system is high-pressure, the corresponding spray nozzle must also choose a high-pressure nozzle to meet the requirements, otherwise dripping will occur.

The humidification nozzle purchase can pay attention to the following points

1. The humidification nozzle can adjust the liquid flow, and can also produce the required spray without changing the air pressure and liquid pressure, so pay attention to whether the adaptability is strong enough.

2. Humidifying nozzle design Each spray device is composed of air cap and liquid hair, which can provide fan-shaped and circular fog patterns, and has a wide flow range. So pay attention to whether the flow range is wide enough.

3. The humidifying nozzle parts can be interchanged, this is to get different spray performance, so pay attention to interchangeability.

Application of Nozzle in Daily Life

In everyone’s inherent impression, nozzles seem to be only used in factories, but in fact, in addition to the wide application of nozzles in industry and agriculture, nozzles are used in many commonly used or common items and phenomena in our daily life.

In supermarkets, it is often seen that there will be fine water mist on fruits and vegetables. Some of these fine water mists are sprayed regularly and quantitatively by automatic spraying systems, and some are achieved by manual use of sprayers. Whether it is an automatic spray system or a sprayer, nozzles are required for the final spray. The fine atomizing nozzle is a nozzle that is very suitable for humidification and preservation in supermarkets.

In various hotels or leisure places, automatic fire extinguishing systems are generally equipped. When the indoor smoke volume exceeds a predetermined value, or the indoor temperature exceeds the sensing value, the fire extinguishing system will be triggered, and then an early warning or direct spray will occur. This system can effectively ensure people’s own safety, but also cause property damage. drop to lowest. Water mist open sprinklers and closed sprinklers are often used in these places. In addition to the necessary fire protection performance, they also have the characteristics of beauty and generosity, which will not affect the comfort of customers.

In the squares or large shopping malls in the community, all kinds of fountains have gradually become one of the indispensable hard accessories. From the most common fountains, to colorful fountains, to gorgeous and dynamic musical fountains, the core is the nozzle. The small nozzles are arranged in different combinations and pressures, and finally spray a pleasing landscape. In addition, showering, perfume spraying, pesticide spraying, and crop spraying are all inseparable from nozzles.

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