October 27, 2023

How to choose the model of spray column nozzle

How to choose the model of spray column nozzle – five factors to consider when buying spray column nozzle

Spray column nozzle is a very important part of the spray column equipment, its model selection directly affects the performance and effect of the spray column. This article will introduce the selection criteria for spray tower nozzles to help readers better understand and select the right spray column nozzle.

Here are a few factors to consider when purchasing a nozzle:

1. Spray angle: different spray columns should be selected for different spray angles. The smaller the spray angle, the more concentrated the spray and the smaller the spray area. On the contrary, the larger the spray angle, the wider the spraying area, the more dispersed the sprayed water mist.
2. Flow rate: depends on the number of installed nozzles and the required spray coverage. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the entire system, the total required flow rate needs to be calculated and the flow rate for each nozzle needs to be determined according to actual needs.
3. Pressure: high pressure increases the speed and distance traveled of the droplets, but it also leads to a decrease in pressure of the system. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a nozzle that can adapt to the appropriate pressure.
4. Corrosion resistance: different materials have different stability. You need to consider the chemicals you use to cause the nozzle to corrode, and if it does, you need to choose a nozzle with better corrosion resistance.
5. Attachments: attachments such as swivel joints, pipe fittings and brackets can be added next to the printhead, but consideration needs to be given to whether they are required and whether they have an impact on the choice of nozzle.

At last, it is recommended that before purchasing a nozzle, consult with the professionals or manufacturers to learn more details about the purchased nozzle to ensure that the best nozzle for the system and needs is selected.

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