February 18, 2022

How to make the nozzle atomized particles finer?

There are many types of nozzles, the core components of the atomization system, and the degree of atomization is different. Generally, the customer requirements are that the smaller the atomized particles, the better, so how to get the desired degree of atomization? Two aspects of the nozzle will talk about how to reduce the particle diameter.

One-fluid nozzle to improve the degree of atomization
1. Improve work pressure.
2. Reduce the diameter of the nozzle. (reduce spray flow)

Two-fluid nozzles improve the degree of atomization
1. Improve the high-speed flow of compressed air to make the liquid more micronized.
As a general method of micronization, two-fluid nozzles are used in various fields.

Therefore, if it is a factory dustproof, it is better to consider a two-fluid nozzle.
For dust protection, small mist nozzles, air spray nozzles, etc. are suitable.

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