March 31, 2022

How to solve the abnormal rotation of the nozzle?

The abnormal rotation is one of the common faults in the working process of the nozzle. For this fault, we have the following solutions:

① If the gap between the hollow shaft and the sleeve shaft is too small, the gap should be increased; if the two are blocked by the entering sediment, they should be removed and cleaned; the sleeve shaft should be tightened too tightly during installation and should be loosened appropriately.

②The opening angle of the rocker arm is too small. If the rocker arm springs too tightly, it should be adjusted properly; if the rocker arm is installed too high, the water guide cannot completely cut into the water tongue, so it should be lowered; if the rocker arm and the rocker arm shaft are too tight, the clearance should be increased; should be raised.

③ The opening angle of the rocker arm is large enough, but the percussion is weak. Reason: the deflector cuts into the water tongue too deeply, so that the rocker arm will be punched away before it fully strikes the spray body, and the percussion block should be thickened.

Therefore, if the nozzle does not rotate normally during use, you can refer to the above to check, and then take corresponding measures to solve it.

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