March 28, 2022

Industrial applications of industrial nozzles

Cleaning and cleaning of semiconductor wafers, electronic circuit boards, cleaning of cement mixers, high-pressure cleaning of automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances, etc., pre-treatment of chemical cleaning, cleaning of processing workshop floors, cleaning of glass in the mirror-making industry Cleaning of iron sand in paper mills Cleaning of blankets and meshes Cleaning of tank and container walls Cleaning of sanitation equipment in food processing plants Pre-treatment of metal surfaces of articles High-pressure water descaling for cleaning and rolling steel surfaces of bottles, tanks, and containers.

Spraying, syrup spraying for coating sponge cakes, egg gravy coating for cakes, dust-proofing agent for imaging tubes, coloring of sugar-coated tablets, adhesive spraying for plywood for building materials, phosphating metal parts, airless spraying or paint spraying, tablet coating spraying, rust prevention Spraying coils in paper mills Spraying products with dyes for identification Oiling food before baking Spraying additives and condiments on food Spraying protective agents on furniture Spraying release agents on moulds Glazing for tiles and tiles Glazing on metal surfaces The inner wall of oiled food and beverage cans is sprayed with silicone-coated metal release agent on the printing drum to spread the glaze and pigment coating of ceramic tiles.

Cooling and clearing of burning gas in the factory Steelmaking Continuous casting of wire-coated stretched engineering plastic pipes Forming cooling tower conveyor belt cooling Heat treatment Post-quenching casting Die cooling PVC pipe extrusion cooling Storage tank cooling Roof cooling condenser coil cooling kiln tail flue gas cooling aluminum products rolling cooling strip mill cooling tools, materials, etc. cooling electrostatic precipitation cooling humidification belt grinder cooling beverage cooling products direct and indirect Cooling and cooling spray cooling of granulation equipment.

Dust-proof dust-removal mine dust-removal
Prevent dust from adhering to cement/mixing plant after coating Dust prevention when casting castings
Dust control in coal ash and sand transportation Humidification of the roof of coal trucks Dust removal in flue gas towers Control of iron oxide layers in steel rolling Dust control during sawdust transportation and dust control during loading and unloading.

Lubricate gears, bearings, wire rope lubrication
Lubrication of iron plates and lubricant spraying of anti-rust glass bottles Lubricant spraying of punch press engineering Spraying mold release agent Lubrication of conveyor belts or transmission chains Die lubrication on large forging presses Hydraulic machine oil injection to lubricate blades and springs.
Removing, peeling off the label of the papermaking/de-paper edge bottle

humidification textile workshop humidification printing room humidification cellophane humidification
Humidity adjustment in printing plants Preventing camber cracking of processed paper Preventing static electricity of plastic parts Mist generator.
Sterilization and sterilization of bottle caps Disinfection of food conveyor belts
Gas cleaning in the air ducts of the painting room and cleaning towers Gas scrubbing of sulfur dioxide (SO2) in the chimney Deodorization in the chimney Air cleaning system in the air conditioning system Control of iron oxide dust in steel rolling Centrifugal wet dust collectors The nitrogen oxide space is humidified to eliminate static electricity and spray lime slurry to remove sulfur dioxide.

Scrubbing gases, such as deoxygenation
spray drying
Evaporation pool water circulation
spray dryer
Salt to crystallize
spray granulation
Fire-fighting electrical equipment area, pressure vessel, coal-storage area fire-proof buildings and public buildings in mines, fire-fighting oil tank and gas tank fire-fighting equipment, rocket launch pad, fire-fighting spray for offshore oil field drilling on ships and submarines.

Coking Plant
Coke Quenching Water Mist Nozzle
Ammonia nozzle
steam nozzle
cleaning nozzle

cement plant
humidification tower
Industrial kiln pulverized coal nozzle
Electrostatic precipitators (mostly dedusting and humidifying systems)

coal mine
Dust removal in coal transfer station
Coal crusher room dust removal
Dust removal in underground tunnels

Ferrous Metallurgy
Continuous casting secondary cooling
High pressure phosphorus removal
Electric furnace dust removal
Rotary furnace dust removal
Roller cooling
Staged unit cooling
Pickling unit
Blast furnace dust removal, water extraction, flue gas cooling, ash pressing
Electroplating nozzles, pickling nozzles
Preparation of ultrafine powder
blast furnace coal injection
Premix Nozzle

Nitrogen and Phosphate Fertilizers
washing, absorbing, dusting
Coal water slurry gasification nozzle (Texaco, four nozzles)

Powder spray tower drying nozzle
Atmospheric and vacuum tower spray distributor nozzle
Catalytic Cracking Nozzle
quencher nozzle
Delayed coking nozzle
Gasoline split tower spray nozzle
Acid and alkali scrubber nozzles
fire nozzle
Injection of quench water nozzles
fuel nozzle

Electronics Factory
Humidification and cooling of large spaces in large electronic workshops
Cleaning nozzles for electronic boards
Rosin nozzle after circuit board forming
The circuit board has the use of Saigang nozzles

paper mill
Antifoam nozzle
coating nozzle
Water needle nozzle for paper cutting
Cleaning the Cage Felt Nozzle
Slurry Nozzle

textile mill
Plant humidification
Add a kind of pine oil to the wool yarn to prevent the yarn from drying and breaking

pharmaceutical factory
Pelletizing Nozzle
Coating Nozzle

Food processing plants
Equipment cleaning
Cleaning of fruits, vegetables, etc.
Purification workshop, with air shower room, using air shower nozzles
Industrial Nozzle
Industrial nozzles (4 photos)
spray drying
spray nozzle

Thermal power plant

waste incineration
Use the atomizing nozzle to spray a spice on the garbage to get rid of the odor
Dust suppression with solid cone nozzles

Winery, Beverage Factory
Beauty nozzles on beer, wine and other beauty machines, mist nozzles
Multi-Jet or Rotary Nozzle for Cleaning Bottles and Cans

Cigarette Factory
Humidification and Dust Reduction in Large Space of Tobacco Factory
Use air atomizing nozzles to spray fragrances

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