March 29, 2022

Instructions and application of rotary tank cleaning nozzle

The tank cleaning nozzle is designed by the main body of the nozzle hole according to a certain eruption point of view and flow, and design different diameters and azimuths of the straight line nozzle to reach 360° or other spherical point of view. The diameters are planned with different external dimensions;

High Pressure tank clean nozzle
K4 Tank Wash Nozzle

The small tank cleaning nozzle is specially designed for effectively cleaning small containers. Choose 15 or 21 conical nozzles, which can spray to all the inner and outer surfaces, and the pressure can reach 10kg. After a standard small barrel mouth, the device is automatically small. On bucket scrubbers, the largest nozzle diameters are 35mm and 41mm, with a 16mm and 19mm neck down for draining while cleaning; the rotating tank and tank fan cleaning nozzles are equipped with three high-impact fan nozzles Or integrally processed on the nozzle rotating equipment, through the liquid pressure and different torque ejection direction planning to achieve the purpose of automatic rotation and thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior;

The vial cleaning nozzle is designed by the special azimuth moment of the three fan-shaped spray heads. After hydraulically generating an active rotating force, this nozzle can automatically clean small containers at lower pressure than typical rotating nozzles. These nozzles are equipped with 316SS stainless steel bearings. , to ensure smooth rotation;

The solid conical tank cleaning nozzle is a special nozzle designed by assembling multiple nozzles on the spherical surface to complete all the scouring of the inside of the tank body. Usually, 13 (or 15) solid conical (impact) nozzles are installed at 360° On the spherical surface, this type of nozzle is characterized by a large flow rate that can clean jars with a diameter of 3.1 meters.

Use: It can provide 360° full range of cleaning work. It can meet the cleaning of small volume containers (about 0.5-50m3). Particularly suitable for solvent cleaning (small volume, simple cleaning) industry. It has the characteristic that the spray head can be lifted up and down, and is more suitable for cleaning various objects in the container.

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