January 12, 2022

Introduction And Application Effect Of Plastic Fan Nozzle

The plastic fan-shaped nozzle is made of engineering plastic material, which is resistant to wear and corrosion, and the spray effect is also very good. It is widely used in various industrial production fields. So what is the application effect of plastic fan nozzles?

fan nozzle

Introduction of plastic fan nozzle

1. The commonly used plastic fan nozzles are made of PP and PVDF.
2. Plastic fan-shaped nozzles are fan-shaped nozzles made of plastic materials. Fan-shaped nozzles are a form of spray. The shape of the nozzle sprayed out is fan-shaped, which can be called fan-shaped nozzles.
3. The edge of the plastic fan-shaped nozzle is very clearly defined, and it has a uniform and high-impact spray shape.

Application of plastic fan nozzle

1. The plastic fan nozzle only needs a small amount of water to clean any surface. The plastic fan nozzle can save a lot of water resources and meet the requirements of modern industry for energy saving and environmental protection.
2. The plastic fan-shaped nozzle is an important component in the high-pressure cleaning equipment. Under the action of high pressure, the liquid sprayed from the plastic fan-shaped nozzle has a great impact force. Under the action of this impact, the dirt can be thoroughly cleaned;
3. The plastic fan-shaped nozzle can thoroughly clean the chemical dirt. In many chemical production, the plastic fan-shaped nozzle usually cleans the residual dirt and sewage containing chemicals from the production process.

The fan-shaped spray sprayed by the plastic fan-shaped nozzle has a very good effect and is widely used in the field of cleaning. Customers can choose fan-shaped nozzles with different flow rates according to their own usage.

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