February 16, 2022

Introduction and Use of Clip Nozzle

1. Introduction of clip nozzle
The clip nozzle actually refers to a connection method of the nozzle. The nozzle is tightly fastened to the water pipe through its own stainless steel clip, and is tightly connected to the nozzle at the opening of the water pipe. This nozzle is widely used and is often used in the fields of pre-coating, cleaning, spraying and dust reduction. Because the clip nozzle is used together with the adjustable threaded spherical nozzle, the angle can be adjusted, which is convenient for practical use.

2. the design features of the clip nozzle
Because the clip nozzle is connected by clipping the water pipe, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the water pipe when selecting the model; at the same time, it is necessary to open a hole in the water pipe for connection, so pay attention to the opening size of the water pipe; It is used together with the adjusting ball thread, so there are more angles to choose from. At the same time, it also provides three different spray shapes, “solid cone”, “hollow cone”, “fan shape”, users can choose different spray shapes according to their actual needs. At the same time, the nozzle does not need to be replaced due to loss of use, increased flow, or other different application places. It is only necessary to replace the nozzle and connect it with the adjustable threaded ball of the nozzle and it can be used directly.

3. Material introduction of clip nozzle
The material used for the clip nozzle is mainly divided into plastic and stainless steel. Among them, the proportion of plastic clip nozzles is very large. The plastic clip nozzle is made of PP material. The heat resistance of the cap and base part can reach up to 80 ℃, and the corrosion resistance is excellent. The clip part is made of 304SS stainless steel, and the sealing ring part can be selected from nitrile rubber and fluorinated rubber; if higher heat resistance and corrosion resistance are required, it is recommended to use all stainless steel clip nozzles. There are three types of nozzles in the nozzle part, “ordinary plastic nozzles (fan-shaped, solid cone, hollow cone)”, “quick-release plastic nozzles (quick-release fan-shaped, quick-release solid cone type)”, and stainless steel can also be used through threaded balls nozzle. Users can choose according to their actual situation. If the water quality is not particularly good, or with acid, alkali or high pressure, the effect of using stainless steel nozzles will be much better.

4. Typical applications of clip nozzles
Clip nozzles are widely used in environmental protection fields, such as degreasing, phosphating, desulfurization, dust removal, washing, cooling, fire protection, space humidification, and other low-pressure environments in surface treatment. It can also be used in electronic, chemical, environmental protection, steel, machinery, coating, electroplating, textile, automobile, paper, medicine, food and other industrial production fields.

5. Advantages of clip nozzle design
5.1. The spray direction can be adjusted quickly and accurately;
5.2. Flexible and diversified spherical nozzles;
5.3. chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance;
5.4. It is convenient to clamp the tube;
5.5. Diversified spray patterns.

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