February 23, 2022

Introduction of blowing nozzles

Type F blowing nozzles deliver high-impact, fan-shaped and circular air streams designed for a variety of blowing applications in process processing.

This blower is made of ABS plastic or aluminum alloy, and the nozzle is designed with a plurality of cylindrical jet holes, from which the air is blown out to form a fan-shaped and circular air flow. The internal structure design of the blowing nozzle conforms to the principle of aerodynamics, which effectively reduces the air resistance during operation, and ensures that the blowing nozzle can obtain high airflow impulse while increasing your working noise and air consumption. The nozzle is suitable for 1/4 inch BSPT male threaded connections, and is designed with positioning holes for easy side-by-side installation of blowing nozzles; the combined air knife formed by it can generate an effective air curtain.

The F plastic blowing nozzle can withstand a pressure of 7 bar, and the temperature resistance can reach 77 °C under this pressure; the aluminum alloy blowing nozzle can withstand about 30 bar of air pressure and can withstand a high temperature of 250 °C. F-type blowing nozzles are generally used for parts cooling, parts drying, parts washing, material movement and threading.

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