March 2, 2022

Introduction of CYCO 360-A Tank Cleaning

CYCO 360-A Tank Cleaning Features

The Model 360-A is an extremely durable, reliable tank cleaning machine that combines all the features needed to tackle the most serious tank cleaning problems!

CYCO 360-A Tank Cleaning Parameter:

Cleaning angle:
Installation type:
External thread connection
Maximum working temperature:
Rated pressure:
Recommended pressure:
Scope of application:
environmental protection, cleaning, purification, painting
Maximum diameter of storage tank:
Minimum opening of storage tank:

CYCO 360-A Tank Cleaning Dimensions:

CYCO 360-A Tank Cleaning Structural Split Diagram

How CYCO 360-A Tank Cleaning Works

The technical solution adopted by the 360-A tank cleaning is as follows: the cleaning device includes a main body (referred to as the Y main body) that rotates around the Y axis during operation, and a body that can both rotate around the X axis and revolve around the Y axis. The main body installed on the side of the Y main body (referred to as the X main body), and two nozzles are installed on the X main body; the upper end of the Y main body is movably and sealingly connected with a connecting rod, which is connected to the inner cavity of the Y main body and the inner cavity of the X main body. A fixed impeller is installed in the water inlet port at the top of the connecting rod; a gear box is installed on the lower end of the Y main body, and the gear box is fixedly connected with the connecting rod. Planetary gear, the lower end of the main transmission shaft is equipped with a transmission pinion and meshes with the transmission gear set, and the upper end of the main transmission shaft extends to the fixed impeller in the connecting rod and is installed with a rotating impeller. A Y bevel gear is installed on the Y main body, and correspondingly, an X bevel gear meshing with the Y bevel gear is also installed in the X main body.

When the cleaning fluid enters the cavity at high pressure from the connecting rod port, and passes through the fixed impeller, a huge impact force is formed, which drives the rotating impeller to rotate at a high speed. The main body realizes 360° rotation along the Y axis, and the X main body realizes 360° revolution around the Y axis while rotating 360° around the X axis through meshing with the bevel gear of the Y main body. Therefore, the spraying direction of the nozzle can be directed to all directions of the inner wall of the container, so as to realize all-round cleaning without dead angle.

CYCO 360-A Tank Cleaning Applicable industries:

Beer, wine, transportation, papermaking, dairy products, food, beverages, ethanol, chemical petroleum, municipal sanitation, fuel oil, biopharmaceuticals, paint coatings, cosmetics.

CYCO 360-A Tank Cleaning Washable Tanks:

Crude oil storage tanks, chemical containers, large storage tanks, transport tankers, fermentation tanks, beer pots, white water tanks, yeast breeding containers, black liquor tanks, drying bins, sewage wells, etc.

CYCO 360-A Tank Cleaning Advantages and Features:

Cleaning coverage renderings:

Cleaning track:

360 tank cleaning nozzle

Measured data:

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