March 22, 2022

Introduction of fan nozzle

A fan nozzle is a fan-shaped nozzle with a spray shape of various angles. Fan-shaped spray form, the edge of the spray shape is clearly defined, and the finely processed flow guide plane provides a uniform, high-impact spray shape.

The spray channel is large and smooth, reducing the blocking phenomenon. The spray shape is a fan with various angles. Due to the influence of the earth’s gravity, there will be an “edge effect”, that is, the fan-shaped section of the spray produces a gradually tapering edge. The spray particles are fine and uniform, and the spray particles are medium in size. When multiple nozzles are arranged , 25%~30% overlap is required to make the arrangement uniform in the whole direction. The fan-shaped spray that can produce various angles has a uniform spray water flow, and the droplet size is medium. The unit combination connection method is used for easy installation and replacement. A filter can be added, which is easy to clean. Can be installed or replaced on most plumbing systems. Nozzles are available with NPT or BSPT (external) threads. Typically, 1/4 inch – 4 inch nozzles can be made of Cu, 304SS, 316SS, 316L, PVDF, PP or silicon carbide materials, respectively. Stainless steel (SS304, 303, 316, 316L), brass (BRASS), silicon carbide, plastic (PVC, ABS, FUD), ceramics and other materials.

fan nozzle

Types of:
1. Narrow-angle nozzles, wide-angle nozzles, combined fan nozzles, single-piece fan nozzles, self-cleaning fan nozzles, flat fan nozzles, dovetail fan nozzles, clip-on fan nozzles, quick-release fan nozzles, side spray fan nozzles , Universal fan nozzle;
2. The production materials are stainless steel (SS304, 303, 316, 316L), brass (BRASS), plastic (4F) and other materials to choose from.

Introduce several common fan nozzles:
Standard fan nozzle
It is a liquid column flow or fan-shaped spray that can produce high impact force, and the spray angle is 0°-110°. This nozzle produces a uniform spray distribution. Droplet size is small to medium. When several nozzles are required to produce overlapping sprays, the characteristic tapered spray edge provides even spray coverage.

V-shaped narrow angle fan nozzle
The V-Series general purpose narrow-angle fan nozzles feature a narrow-angle fan spray with high impact. This spray produces a uniform spray distribution with medium droplet size. V-Series general purpose narrow-angle nozzles are well-defined on the edge of the spray shape.
The V-Series general purpose narrow angle nozzle features an external pipe thread street overall design. Large, smooth channels minimize blockages. The finely machined deflector plane provides a uniform, high-impact spray pattern.

W-type wide-angle fan nozzle
The W series universal wide-angle nozzle is characterized by a wide-angle fan-shaped spray shape that can produce medium impact force, and the sprayed liquid mist is evenly distributed and the droplet size is medium. Circular nozzle holes, large and unobstructed flow channels minimize clogging.
The W series universal wide angle nozzles are also suitable for jets of air and steam. All nozzles offer precision machined flow guide surfaces for reliable and accurate control of deflection and spray angle.
The W series general purpose wide angle nozzles are finely manufactured from sturdy bar stock and feature male pipe threaded inlet fittings.

1. The fan-shaped nozzle can thoroughly clean the chemical dirt. In many chemical production, it is usually used to clean the residual dirt and sewage containing chemical substances produced in the production process.
2. The fan-shaped nozzle is an important component in the high-pressure cleaning equipment. Under the action of high pressure, the liquid sprayed from the fan-shaped nozzle has a great impact force. Under the action of this impact, the dirt can be thoroughly washed away.
3. The fan-shaped nozzle only needs a small amount of water to clean any surface, which can save a lot of water resources and meet the requirements of modern industry for energy saving and environmental protection.

1. Metal processing cleaning, spray coating, spray cooling, oil stain removal, electroplating line washing, agricultural product cleaning;
2. Applications such as cleaning, spraying and cooling in food, steel, paper and other industries;
3. Printed circuit board cleaning, developing, shadowing and etching processes, rain test, jet cooling, semiconductor cleaning, color tube glass bulb cleaning, LCD glass cutting and cleaning.

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