January 26, 2022

Introduction of Impact Atomizing Nozzle

The impact atomizing nozzle is a high-speed spray of liquid from the nozzle, which collides with the solid at the nozzle outlet, or two fluids collide with each other, thereby breaking into fine droplets. Impact atomizing nozzles create extremely fine atomization, and in some applications, impact atomizing nozzles can even replace many expensive two-fluid air atomizing nozzles that use compressed air or water vapor as the second fluid.
The spray shape of the impact atomizing nozzle is conical, and its atomization method is impact atomization as its name, and the spray angle is 90 degrees. The impact atomizing nozzle can be made of brass, stainless steel, PTFE and other materials. Since the impact atomizing nozzle can form extremely fine atomization, it can be widely used in dry textile workshops, artificial fog, livestock farms, greenhouses and other occasions where humidification spray needs to be applied. Each kilogram of fog cage consumes 3W of electricity, and the cost of use is very high. Low.

The normal size of the impact atomizing nozzle is 1/8 or 1/4 external thread, and other models with different threads can also be designed and produced according to customer requirements. Unless otherwise specified, it is conventionally used for British teeth.

Impact atomizing nozzles are mainly used for sterilization and disinfection, component cooling, fruit spray wax, tile glazing, wool spray humidification, air disinfection and sterilization, garden landscape fogging, wetting and derusting, air humidification, chemical treatment, chemical agent spraying, liquid Spraying, tobacco leaf humidification, tablet coating, flue gas evaporative cooling.

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