February 11, 2022

Introduction to Metal Nozzles

Metal Nozzle Category
Industrial metal nozzles are divided into various types, which are used in industrial steel metallurgy manufacturing, paper industry, electric power, waste incineration, desulfurization and denitrification process treatment, automotive coating, biopharmaceuticals, food machinery and processing, industrial cleaning, etc.
Metal nozzles can be divided into: metal fan nozzles, metal solid cone nozzles, metal denitration nozzles, metal atomizing nozzles, metal tank cleaning nozzles, metal spray oscillators, metal spray control systems, etc.
The industrial applications of metal nozzles are mainly divided into: metal paper nozzles and metal air nozzles. Metal atomizing nozzles, tank cleaning nozzles, painting nozzles, industrial metal nozzles, desulfurization and denitrification, dust removal, fire-fighting nozzles, etc.

Metal nozzles are mainly used for:
Paper mills: Paper edge cutting, high-pressure spray pipes and swinging devices efficiently clean nets, felts, rolls, etc., automatic spraying is synchronized with the paper machine; self-cleaning spray pipes with built-in brushes, felt or wire cleaning. Blind hole roller cleaning, grooved roller cleaning, high-pressure swing cleaning of the wire section, and high-pressure swing cleaning of the press section;
High-pressure needle-shaped nozzle: high-pressure swing cleaning of the wire and main net, high-pressure swing cleaning of the press section felt, blind hole roller cleaning, grooved roller cleaning; K series fan nozzle, 1/8K-SS0.50 for cooling, cleaning and lubrication.
Self-cleaning fan nozzle ZQX: Self-cleaning fan nozzle can help reduce spray rod maintenance work, reduce pipeline water supply pressure, flush fibers or other debris from the nozzle mouth when the flushing piston retracts, suitable for low-pressure white water cleaning, scraper Wash tank lubrication;
Biopharmaceuticals, food: tank cleaning nozzles, atomizing humidification nozzles, coating agent nozzles, spray control systems, etc.

Iron and steel metallurgy industry: air purging nozzles, cold-rolled and hot-rolled nozzles, descaling nozzles, etc.

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