January 5, 2022

Introduction To The Five Major Applications Of Nozzles In The Steel Industry.

Nozzles are widely used in various industries, especially in the industrial field. Industrial nozzles can be seen everywhere.
What are the applications of nozzles in the steel industry? How’s the effect?

Nozzle one for the iron and steel industry: dust removal and dust reduction.

Dust is generally composed of solid particles with a median diameter greater than 1 micron. The generation of dust is mainly caused by two mechanical effects of impact and wind erosion. The generation of this kind of dust is mainly caused by the transportation, loading and unloading, stacking, recycling, and belting of raw materials. Dust removal nozzles used in transportation and steel production are mainly used for cooling and dust removal of furnaces such as mixers, converters, blast furnaces, coke ovens, electric furnaces, and sintering machines.

Nozzle two for steel industry: cooling.

The roll is the main deformation tool of the rolling mill and works under high temperature and pressure.
Therefore, uniform cooling at an appropriate position can increase the service life of the rolling mill. For medium-thick and thin slab casters, large and small billets, round lotus, shaped billet continuous casters, strip steel, round pipes, etc., you must choose different types The nozzle performs primary and secondary cooling.

Nozzle three for steel industry: cleaning.

In order to protect the quality of the steel surface and effectively clean the acid liquid, impurities, milk turtle liquid, and leveling liquid remaining on the steel surface, you can choose a water nozzle with water as a medium and a blowing nozzle with air as a medium. Steel hip hop on the galvanized line Cleaning, cleaning after pickling, cleaning of wire coils.

Nozzle four for iron and steel industry: descaling.

This is the iron oxide scale generated during the heating process of the rolling piece. The primary and secondary iron oxide scales are shaped like fish scales. It directly affects the surface quality of the steel and intensifies the grinding of the rolls. This kind of oxide can be removed by the mechanical impact of water. Skin (the size of the impact force can be measured by a tester to measure the impact force of each point in the spray surface, and can be controlled), and you can choose a descaler nozzle that is uniform and small, small in water consumption, and large in impact.

Nozzle five for steel industry: spraying and wetting.

Lubrication of rolls, oiling and coating before strip coils, lubrication of mandrel, Hongrun of strip steel on galvanizing line.

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