February 23, 2022

Mine dust removal nozzle recommendation

In the process of coal mine production, a large amount of coal dust will be produced. If the dust suppression treatment is not done in time, it will not only pollute the air, but also easily cause great harm to the health of the workers in the work area. Therefore, in modern production mines and sites, managers are also paying more and more attention to environmental protection and employee health issues. Here, several mine dust removal nozzles – air atomizing nozzles are recommended for customers.

In the underground operation area, dust removal devices – air atomizing nozzles are usually added to the main roadway and the coal cutter area. There are many types of air atomizing nozzles. Due to their special internal design structure, the liquid and gas can be uniformly mixed to produce a spray of fine droplet size or a spray of coarse droplets. Typically, finer droplet nozzles are obtained by increasing the air pressure and reducing the hydraulic pressure. The adjustable air atomizing nozzle can adjust the liquid flow, and can also produce the required spray without changing the air pressure and liquid pressure, so it has strong adaptability. This air atomizing nozzle is easy to install, small in size and small in flow rate, and is suitable for use in a small area or for multiple nozzles to work together in a large area.

In the coal storage yard, due to the large size of the coal pile, it is not easy to use plastic films or cloth fan covers. Therefore, if you encounter strong winds or transfer coal, a large amount of coal dust will usually be generated, polluting the environment. Therefore, you can increase the spraying in the storage yard. Dust suppression system. The air atomizing nozzles used in this system are DE high-flow air atomizing nozzles. He adopts multi-stage atomization, powerful spray function, and high-efficiency design reduces the use of compressed air.

It can be seen that the air atomizing nozzle has a wide range of uses and obvious effects in the process of coal mine production and storage.

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