February 24, 2022

Mine fully mechanized mining spray system introduction

The working principle of automatic spraying in fully mechanized mining

a) After the receiver detects the infrared light signal emitted by the transmitter, the connected main control box is responsible for converting the position information of the receiver into the programs and parameters set uniformly by the system, and the information is used to determine whether to open or not. Its electric ball valve or close the controlled electric ball valve
b) After the nozzle spray delay time expires, if the receiver is still at this position, the nozzle spray will be automatically stopped.
c) During the spray delay time, if the shearer continues to work and push forward to drive the transmitter to the next position and is detected by the receiver at the next position, the function of the receiver at the new position will be executed, and the original position will be received. The function of the device is terminated.
d) Shearer negative pressure secondary dust suppressor is used to efficiently reduce the cutting dust produced by the shearer drum. Using this technology, a top-to-bottom coverage of the drum can be formed at the source of the shearer drum dust. The new spray water curtain, in cooperation with the high-pressure external spray dust suppression device installed on the shearer body, can form a “three-dimensional” dust control water curtain at the drum, especially in coal mining work with large air distribution and high dust production intensity. It can significantly reduce the dust concentration when the shearer is cutting coal.
e) Install a set of automatic dust control spray at the entrance of the return air to effectively intercept the dust caused by the wind speed at the entrance of the road.

Features of dust suppression system

The coal shearer dust source tracking spray dust reduction is an intelligent high-efficiency automatic spray dust reduction system for the coal shearer developed according to the coal mining process characteristics of the coal mining face. The system is mainly used for automatic and efficient spray dust reduction of the shearer in the fully mechanized mining face of the coal mine. Especially in the fully mechanized mining face with large air distribution and high dust production intensity, it can significantly reduce the dust concentration when the shearer is cutting coal. Greatly improve the labor hygiene conditions on the working surface. The system has the following features:
a) The system has the ability to uniformly set parameters for all online main control boxes through the transmitter. The parameter settings can be adjusted within a certain range according to the length of the working face, the length of the shearer and the running speed. Set by yourself within the setting range.
b) One set of automatic spray dust reduction device is installed for every five racks, and each set runs alternately with each other for spray dust reduction.
c) Each control box can be equipped with 1 receiver installed on the bracket and 1 high-voltage DC24V electric ball valve; each working face can be installed with a transmitter on the shearer.
d) The electric ball valve in the system is suitable for high water pressure, which can realize high-pressure spray dust reduction of the spray system and improve the efficiency of spray dust reduction.
e) Each control box of the system has the function of storing the set parameters. After the power is turned off, the power supply will be restored, and the system will still work according to the original stored parameters.
f) The dust control spray in the return air lane can automatically control the sprinkler and dust reduction spray according to the dust concentration, and the dust sensor concentration can freely set the dust concentration value according to the user’s requirements.
d) It can realize automatic tracking nozzle spray for the dust source of the shearer drum cutting coal, install a negative pressure secondary dust collector on the shearer, and use a high-pressure water pump to provide high-pressure water to ensure the front and rear drums of the shearer. The air flow is always within the control range of the high-pressure spray, so as to realize the efficient spray dust reduction of the shearer and improve the labor and hygiene conditions of the working face.

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