Dust Control Technology in Mining

Dust control technology is crucial in mining operations to minimize health hazards, improve visibility, and reduce environmental impacts. Effective dust control enhances the safety and efficiency of mining operations.

CYCO’s nozzles and fog cannon systems have many applications in the mining industry. We have a complete set of dust removal solutions.

CYCO Nozzles for Mining Applications

CYCO Dust Control Solutions

Controlling dust is a common application in which CYCO spray nozzles are used. We manufacture and sell different types of dust suppression nozzles, such as dry fog nozzle, misting nozzle, atomizing nozzles, flat fan nozzles, fog nozzle, fine nozzle etc.The dust suppression nozzle we provide is more efficient and cost saving for dust control.

Dust Control Fog Column

To effectively address urban air dust pollution, our company has developed the “High-Pressure High-Altitude Flying Mist Dust Removal and Haze Reduction System.” This system has a wide coverage range, with one main unit capable of accommodating multiple devices. It operates intermittently and is fully automated, requiring no manual intervention. It is much more convenient than traditional dust suppression fog cannons or water spraying vehicles. It can entirely replace them for tasks such as dust and haze reduction and cleaning in roads or factory areas.

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Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System

The CYCO Fog Cannon has been designed to tackle the problem of airborne dust particles generated by open mining activities, general demolition work and bulk material handling Fog Cannon has been shown to suppress up to 95% of airborne dust particles. The smaller units are ideal for suppressing dust where it is generated in high concentrations at easily defined point sources such as discharging onto stockpiles, discharging into ships, reclaiming from stockpiles, dumping, crushing and loading/unloading trucks. In this case the Fog Cannon is directed at the point source of dust and it rapidly suppresses the emitted dust before it can disperse.

Engineering Vehicle Wash Station

CYCO Gantry Vehicle Wash Station is a new type of washing equipment specifically designed for cleaning large trucks, freight trucks, cement mixers, transport vehicles, and more. This large gantry washing equipment is suitable for various locations, including construction sites, mining operations, cement product factories, coal mines, power plants, landfills, and residential areas, ensuring that vehicles entering and exiting are thoroughly cleaned, thereby achieving excellent dust-free environmental protection. It utilizes imported infrared sensors for automated control of the washing process. The system provides a 360-degree cleaning of vehicles, thoroughly washing the wheels and chassis, fully meeting dust control requirements.

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