January 6, 2022

Nozzle Structure Classification

Different nozzle structures will lead to differences in processing efficiency and nozzle life. A reasonable nozzle structure enables abrasives to achieve high speeds, which is a necessary condition for improving processing efficiency and reducing costs. From the advent of the nozzle to a long period of time afterwards, all are cylindrical. Nozzle structure. Up to now, there are various nozzle structures developed at home and abroad. The fuel nozzle is equipped with a solenoid coil, an iron core, and a needle valve integrated with the iron core. The commonly used nozzle structure types and characteristics are as follows:

1. Cylindrical straight hole nozzle structure

Schematic diagram of the structure of a cylindrical straight hole nozzle. It has both functions of a spray gun and a nozzle. It has a simple structure and can be directly replaced by seamless steel pipes. It can also be obtained by drilling in the material. However, the nozzle has a short life and is mostly used for sandblasting. Dealing with less demanding occasions

2. Conical nozzle structure

A schematic diagram of the structure of a cone-shaped nozzle. This nozzle structure has a cone-shaped inlet for diversion and a straight section for clustering. It is relatively easy for abrasives to enter the nozzle, and the distribution of abrasives on the nozzle section is more even than that of a cylindrical nozzle.

3. Special nozzle

The double-outlet special sandblasting nozzle has a complicated structure and is generally used in special occasions, such as sandblasting on the inner wall of a pipeline.

4. Combined nozzle structure

Design materials with different properties at the nozzle inlet, outlet and middle part, and assemble each part of the material into a nozzle by mechanical combination. The combined nozzle is designed with high-hardness ceramics or other resistant materials at the nozzle inlet and outlet. Grinding material, the middle section of the nozzle can be designed as a metal or other material with high toughness. The combined nozzle can meet the different requirements of the nozzle inlet, outlet and middle parts of the erosion and wear resistance, and improve the erosion resistance of the nozzle to a certain extent. Ability to wear, but compared with a monolithic nozzle, two or more materials need to be prepared, and assembly and other related processes are added.

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