January 5, 2022

Nozzles Are Widely Used In The Automotive Manufacturing Industry

Nozzles are widely used in automobile production lines, covering all stages of the entire automobile production.

1. Pretreatment before painting:

The car body should be cleaned and washed before painting, and the car body should be degreased and washed.
It is required that the spray direction of the nozzle can be easily adjusted and positioned.
Therefore, you can choose polypropylene fan nozzles and splice hole connectors to install piping.
The advantage of this nozzle is that installation, adjustment and disassembly can be done by hand without any tools, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

2. Mechanical processing:

Nozzles are used to lubricate, clean or blow dry products in the production process of engine parts or other auto parts.

3. Assembly workshop and quality inspection:

Nozzles can be used in automobile production and can be used for sealing, dewaxing, vehicle cleaning, high-pressure cleaning and simulation tests (such as corrosion resistance test, rain test, etc.)

4. Salt damage test:

In order to test the corrosion of metal samples in the salt damage test, a two-fluid nozzle is required to atomize the salt water in the tester.

5. Cooling system:

Application of the nozzle in the cooling system of the belt grinder: In order to prevent the fire caused by the heat rise during the belt grinding of the automobile, a two-fluid atomizing nozzle is used to cool the sliding shaft.

The above are the several stages commonly used for nozzles in automobile production lines. Nozzles are used in the automobile production industry more than these, such as metal pretreatment, paint bucket cleaning, and body cleaning.

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