Spray Technology for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

CYCO’s nozzle products and spray technology have numerous applications in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, including spray drying, tank cleaning, granulation, and fine spray coating. Partner with CYCO to swiftly achieve your business objectives.

Applications of CYCO Nozzles in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Tank Cleaning

Tank cleaning in the pharmaceutical industry is a critical process that ensures the cleanliness and sterility of tanks used for storing and processing materials. This process is essential to maintain product quality, prevent contamination, and comply with regulatory standards.

spray drying

Spray Drying

Spray drying is a widely used technique in the pharmaceutical industry for converting liquid formulations into dry powders. This process is essential for creating stable, easy-to-handle, and effective pharmaceutical products.

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Automated Precision Coating

Automated precision coating, also known as automated tablet coating, is a specialized process within the pharmaceutical industry that involves applying a thin layer of coating material onto tablets or other solid dosage forms. This coating serves various purposes, including improving appearance, taste masking, protecting the active ingredients from environmental factors, controlling release profiles, and facilitating swallowing.


Granulation is a key process in the pharmaceutical industry that involves the agglomeration of fine powder particles into larger, more uniform granules. This process enhances the flow properties, compressibility, and blend uniformity of powders, making them easier to handle and process into solid dosage forms such as tablets and capsules.

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