February 10, 2022

Precautions for installation of dry mist humidifier

Precautions for installation of dry mist humidifier

1. The air and water pipes should not be misaligned and connected, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.
2. The air and water plugs must be protected in suitable bottles or plastic bags to prevent the nozzles from being contaminated with soil, oil, etc., which will affect the normal operation of the equipment.
3. The pipeline should transition to the corner with an arc, so as not to break the pipeline or block the supply of gas and water.
4. Each joint must be tightly sealed, and no water leakage or air leakage may occur, so as not to affect the normal operation of the equipment.
5. Confirm whether the air supply is sufficient.
6. Do not use pipes that are easy to rust.
7. If the pipe is long or curved, use a larger size pipe to compensate for the resulting pressure drop.
8. Keep the pipeline clean and avoid small debris from clogging the nozzle.
9. The dry mist humidifier kit is directly fixed on the steel wire through a quick hook or a tie-fastening strap.

Precautions for using dry mist humidifier

1. No liquid pressure control unit is required, and the required water pressure is 0.1~2Bar.
2. If the nozzle or piping system leaks, or similar dangerous factors may exist, please stop using it.
3. Ensure that the water pipe and the air pipe are firmly connected and have good sealing to prevent air leakage and water leakage.
4. When the humidifier stops spraying, the water circuit must be closed first, and the air circuit must be closed after an interval of 1 minute.
5. Install the humidifier horizontally, and do not place other items in a short distance directly below the nozzle.
6. Keep the air pressure at 2~4Bar, the water pressure at 0.1~2Bar, and the pressure resistance of the connecting hose is 8Bar.
★ Excessive air pressure will cause the nozzle to separate from the pipe.
★ If the water pressure is too high, the humidifier will leak water. Use a pressure reducing valve to reduce the water pressure.
7. According to the number of nozzles, please set the water pressure to the following range.
8. Do not disassemble the humidifier under the condition of air pressure and water pressure.
9. Do not use in the following environments.
★ The ambient temperature is higher than 60℃ (140F).

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