March 4, 2022

Precautions for installing spiral nozzles

In order to have a good spray effect, the spiral nozzle must be installed first. So what is the installation method of the spiral nozzle?

Eight Precautions for the Installation of Spiral Nozzle

1. The installation of the spiral nozzle needs to be carried out after the system pressure test and flushing are qualified;
2. Adopt special elbow and tee;
3. It is not allowed to disassemble or modify the spiral nozzle nozzle, and it is strictly forbidden to attach any decorative coating to the nozzle;
4. A special wrench should be used for the installation of the spiral nozzle, and it is strictly forbidden to use the frame of the nozzle to screw; when the frame of the nozzle and the splash plate are deformed or the original parts are damaged, the nozzle of the same specification and model should be replaced;
5. When the nominal diameter of the spiral nozzle nozzle is less than 10mm, a filter should be installed on the water distribution main pipe or water distribution pipe;
6. Nozzles installed in places susceptible to mechanical damage should be equipped with nozzle shields;
7. When the spiral nozzle is installed, the distance between the splash plate and the ceiling, door, window, opening or wall should meet the design requirements;
8. When the spiral nozzle is installed near the partition below the top, the horizontal distance and the minimum vertical distance between the nozzle and the partition should comply with the relevant standards.

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