January 18, 2022

Precautions For The Use Of Fine Atomizing Nozzles

There are many kinds of fine atomizing nozzles, which are suitable for humidification in textile factories, printing factories, electronics factories, laboratories, painting workshops, tobacco industry, etc. , improve production quality and production efficiency. In the use of fine atomizing nozzles, the following five aspects should be paid attention to during the process

1. If the working time of the fine atomizing nozzle is too long, the edge of the evaporation nozzle of the tank or the outside of the nozzle will leave a solidified layer due to chemical accumulation, resulting in a solidified layer on the nozzle, which will promote the fine atomizing nozzle. Clogging, the main points of nozzle use are also related to this.
2. With the prolongation of the working time of the fine atomizing nozzle, it will be corroded or worn, and the flow channel of the nozzle mouth will become larger, which will affect the spray flow, spray pressure and spray shape of the fine atomizing nozzle. At this time, we need to replace it. New fine atomizing nozzle
3. Working in a high temperature environment for a long time will cause damage to the fine atomizing nozzle, which will cause the nozzle to deform. We should choose our own suitable nozzle for spraying according to our needs to reduce losses.
4. In the process of long-term spraying, dirt and impurities will cause the fine atomization nozzle or the internal flow channel of the nozzle to be blocked, which will affect the spray pressure and spray shape, etc., resulting in poor spray effect. Serious blockage needs to be replaced. New fine atomizing nozzles are available.
5. When installing the fine atomizing nozzle, the gasket should be aligned with the axis. Do not screw the nozzle too tightly, otherwise the spray effect will be affected. If a bad fine atomizing nozzle is installed, a new nozzle should be replaced for installation. The above are some points that should be paid attention to in the specific use of our fine atomizing nozzle. To make the service life of the fine atomizing nozzle longer, it is more important to insist on the maintenance of the fine atomizing nozzle for a long time.

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