January 26, 2022

Principle and Application of Air Atomizing Nozzle

Air atomizing nozzles mainly send liquid to the nozzle by pressure, air and liquid can be mixed externally or internally to produce a fully atomized spray effect. The spray shapes of air atomizing nozzles include 360-degree annular, fan-shaped and deflection fan-shaped spray shapes.

Air atomizing nozzles can provide a specific spray shape, specific flow and spray coverage. The spray units of each spray series are interchangeable, providing flexibility for obtaining different spray properties. Let’s talk about the characteristics of air atomizing nozzles!

1. The connecting body can be equipped with an optional adjusting needle valve to adjust the flow.

2. Nozzle connection The body has two independent liquid inlets and air inlets.

3. There are two types of spray device: internal mixing device and external mixing device.

4. the air atomizing nozzle uses the friction between the compressed air and the liquid to produce a very uniform and very fine atomization effect, and the average atomized particle diameter is below 50 microns.

Air atomizing nozzles are mainly used for humidification, spraying, cooling, spraying and lubrication in the paper, electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

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