January 27, 2022

Principle of high-pressure atomizing nozzle

Principle of high-pressure atomizing nozzle: Each spray device is composed of two parts, an air cap and a liquid cap, which can provide two spray modes: fan-shaped and circular. The nozzle parts are interchangeable, making it very easy to assemble and disassemble.

The air atomizing nozzle is a device in which the air flow and the liquid flow interact with each other to generate a mist. The special internal structure design of this device can make the liquid and gas evenly mixed to produce a spray of fine droplets or a spray of coarse droplets. The special internal structure design of the air atomizing nozzle can make the liquid and gas evenly mixed to produce the spray of fine droplet size or fine spray.

The fine droplet spray produced by the air atomizing nozzle can volatilize and humidify the surrounding environment, and the air atomizing nozzle can be effectively used to control the humidity of the place. Air atomizing nozzles are divided into five types: adjustable solid cone spray nozzles, non-adjustable solid cone spray nozzles, adjustable fan-shaped spray nozzles, non-adjustable fan-shaped spray nozzles and dredging air atomizing nozzles. In general, finer droplet sprays are obtained by increasing the gas pressure or decreasing the liquid pressure, resulting in a higher gas flow rate to liquid flow rate ratio.

The adjustable air atomizing nozzle can adjust the liquid flow, and can also produce the required spray without changing the air pressure and liquid pressure, so the adjustable air nozzle has strong adaptability. The nozzle body inlet fittings are available in a variety of sizes to fit most commonly used pipes. These nozzle components are interchangeable, thus providing flexibility in obtaining different spray properties.

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