360-Degree 3D Spray Ball SR42

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360-Degree 3D Spray Ball SR42

Working Pressure:
30-200 bar
316L, Aluminum Bronze, Engineering Plastic
Cleaning Cycle:
4-8 minutes per tank
G1/2" internal thread (other connection types available)
Maximum Temperature:
195°F (90°C)
Tank Cleaning Diameter:
1-3 meters
Minimum Opening Size:
130 mm
Impeller Reduction Drive

Applications of 360-Degree 3D Spray Ball SR42:

The 360-degree 3D spray ball SR42 is primarily used for cleaning small to medium-sized tanks. It can achieve fully automated, all-around internal tank cleaning with automatic rotation. Compared to low-pressure spray heads, the SR42 is more water-efficient, provides better and more thorough cleaning, and offers higher cleaning efficiency. It requires no external equipment for operation and only needs to be connected to high-pressure water to perform automatic rotating cleaning.

Features of 360-Degree 3D Spray Ball SR42:

Cleaning Effect:

cleaning Effect


The SR42 360-degree 3D spray ball is widely used for cleaning tanks, reactors, IBC totes, and closed containers across various industries, including:

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