Back Flow Oil Nozzle

Back Flow Oil Nozzle

The back-flow oil nozzle is a single fluid pressure atomizing nozzle which can adjust thespray capacity and angle. There is a channel inside for oil returning. When the returning oilvalve is opened, part of the fuel can return to the tank through the channel. At the same time, theoil pressure in the front of the nozzle is basically unchanged, so the atomization effect of thenozzle is stable even when the capacity is changed.

Back flow oil nozzle

Application Characteristics:

1.The capacity of the nozzle can be accurately controlled by oil returning pressure.

2.Spray angle range is small.

3. Stable oil supply pressure, variable capacity, stable atomization effect.

4.A wide range of capacity for options.

Specification and Characteristics:


2.Spray angle:30° 35° 45°50° 60° 70° 80°

3.Adjust ratio:1:3-1:5

Back Flow Oil Nozzle

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