DCF-M Dual Fluid Solenoid Valve Nozzle

DCF-M Dual Fluid Solenoid Valve Nozzle

The DCF-M dual fluid solenoid valve nozzle (air atomizing model) is a high velocity, solenoid atomizing nozzle. When properly installed, operated and maintained, it can be used in Zone 1 rated hazardous areas. The wetwares are constructed of stainless steel, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyetheretherketone (PEEK), and fluoroelastomer (FFKM) for superior temperature and chemical resistance.

Solenoid valve
Stainless steel
Working pressure:
Choose according to the use environment.
Working temperature:
Different materials correspond to different temperatures.
Refer to performance data.

Fluid connection:

Fluid connections should use appropriate 1/4″ pipe connections. If metal fittings are used, appropriate thread sealant should be applied to the threads before assembly. For those applications that require recirculation, two 1/4″ pipes are provided connection port. If recirculation is not required, one of the doors should be plugged by using the 1/4″ pipe plugs provided with each unit.

Electrical connections:

The electrical pipe connection of the pipe connector is 1/2″NPT (M) of the NPT version. The pipe must protect the cable from mechanical damage and terminate in a sealed enclosure or junction box suitable for hazardous locations. For the BSPT version, the cable is used Ex-d rated cable gland. The fuse holder and 3/10 amp fuse should be used as shown in Figure 1. The ground of CY-DP-03-A must be connected to a real ground.



Assembled and tested the electromagnetic part of the AA(B)10000DP-03-A pulse jet nozzle. And sealed in the factory to ensure safety and normal operation. This part of the unit should not be disassembled for cleaning or maintenance.

The solenoid coil is factory sealed, no other pipe sealing is required.

By disassembling the top of the nozzle and unscrewing the valve seat, the technology approaches the valve part of the AA(B)10000DP-03-A pulse jet nozzle for cleaning and/or maintenance.

Fuses must be connected when using insurance protection in hazardous environments.

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