Dust Control Ultrasonic Air Atomizing Nozzle

Dust Control Ultrasonic Air Atomizing Nozzle

Product name: Ultrasonic Dry Fog Spraying Nozzle

  • Spray angle: 30-80degree
  • Water Pressure: 0.5-1 Bar
  • Air Pressure: 3-5 Bar (10-73 Psi)
  • Air flow: 112-307 L/min
  • Thread type: G1/4
  • Thread size: 1/4″

Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Retail, Food Shop, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops, Other

The mechanical ultrasonic nozzle has a carefully designed resonator to produce high frequency wave. Compressed air passes through the nozzle’s inner bore through a convergent/divergent section at high velocities and expands into a resonator cavity where it is reflected back to complement and amplify the primary shock wave.The result is an intensified field of sonic energy focused between the nozzle body and the resonator cap. Any liquid capable of being pumped into the shock wave is vigorously sheared into fine droplets by the acoustic field. Air bypassing the resonator carries the atomized droplets downstream in a soft plume shaped spray.


The ultrasonic atomizing nozzle is mainly atomized based on the following 2 steps:


The average size for the atomized droplets are very fine and uniformly, which means the sizes for the largest droplets are almost the same with the smallest one. This point is very important for dust suppression industry.
The shaking that caused by collision between the shaking tip and high speed air flow can prevents the dust and other particles from adhering to the orifice, thus such nozzles would working properly and do not need maintenance frequently


Dry fog nozzle have proven to significantly reduce fugitive dust from a variety of material handling points, including conveyor transfer points, trippers, reclaimers, crushers, screens, truck dumps, railcar loading/unloading, ship loaders-unloaders, and ash silo discharge chutes.


Stainless Steel, Brass
Spray pattern
full cone
Thread type
Air Pressure
3.5-5.2 Bar
Water Pressure
0.6-1.2 Bar
Air Consumption
115-260 L/min
Water Consumption
7.1-45 L/h
Drop size
Net weigh

Spray Pattern:


Common types can be welded pr other methods to fix at the working point inlet thread is G1/8,air inlet thread in G1/4
The thin-wall types install on the thin wall.the bottom thread fit into the thin wallopeanings,and use the caps to fix it on the wall,

Nozzle Appearance

Technical Datas

Dust Control Ultrasonic Air Atomizing Nozzle

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