Energy Storage Fire Nozzle

Energy Storage Fire Nozzle

Energy storage fire protection to “prevention first, prevention and elimination combination” as the principle, energy storage safety mainly has two aspects, one is electrical safety, the other is battery safety, in the safety accidents that have occurred, energy storage system fire accounted for a large proportion, the loss caused is also quite heavy. From that point of view, do well energy storage fire safety is obviously very important.

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Energy Storage Fire Nozzle
Energy Storage Fire Nozzle

Energy storage container fire protection system

Energy storage system refers to a system that stores energy in the form of electrical energy, chemicalenergy, etc., in case of emergency. Energy storage systems are used in a wide range of applications, including electric vehicles, solar energy, wind energy and other fields. However, the safety of energy storage system has always been the focus of attention, Fuji energy storage power station fire protection
system is specially developed for energy storage power station a fire extinguishing system, it is based on the principle of “early detection, accurate fire extinguishing”, in the primary stage of thermal runaway early warning and precise suppression treatment, the loss of electrochemical energy storage chamber as much as possible. The energy storage container fire fighting system is composed of fire alarm system + energy storage tank fire extinguishing system, according to the different needs of customers, wecustomize different fire extinguishing schemes.


The commonly used product of the storage container energy storage power station fireprotection system is heptafluoropropane fireextinguishing system, and the optional forms are cabinet heptafluoropropane, suspended heptafluoropropane, pipe networkseptafluoropropane. The whole set of fire fighting system is composed of gas fire extinguishing agent bottle group, pipeline, nozzle,signal feedback part, fire detector and controller, emergency start/stop button, sound and light alarm, deflation indicator, etc., so as torealize the automatic detection, alarm and fire extinguishing protection function of the protection area. When sensing changes in smoke
and temperature, the sound and light alarm will respond immediately to extinguish the fire in the early stage of the fire to ensure thesafety of the containerized energy storage power station.


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