FD Anti-Drip Fine Atomizing Nozzle

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FD Anti-Drip Fine Atomizing Nozzle

Spray Angle:

Design Features:

There is a filter inside the nozzle, which is not easy to clog, greatly extending the service life. It also has an anti-drip structure, so there will be no dripping from the nozzle when the system pressure is turned off.

It uses a brass body or stainless steel as the main body, with a stainless steel nozzle, a ceramic nozzle core or a ruby nozzle core and a stainless steel guide blade. It contains an anti-drip device. The liquid flows at high speed under the water pressure of 3Kg-120Kg. A centrifugal vortex is formed in the blade, and extremely fine hollow mist particles are sprayed from the nozzle hole. A Teflon filter or filter element is used. The mist particle size is about 50um. The nozzle hole is made from an American precision drilling machine. The hole is punched, the hole diameter is between 0.1mm-0.6mm, and it is well made. Compared with gas humidification, the cost of use is more than 10 times saved.



Performance Data:



FD Anti-Drip Fine Atomizing Nozzle

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