Humidification Industrial Dry Fog Humidifier


Humidification Industrial Dry Fog Humidifier

Non-wetting Dry Fog Humidifier system use of two-fluid atomization that can achieve a fine atomization effect, with average particle sizes of 7-10 microns, with a humidification capacity up to 9.6 liters per hour. This industrial humidity controller sparyer fog maker machine humidifier with a special design, the normal humidification nozzle to save more than 20% of air consumption, each humidifier can cover an area of 100 square meters for humidification disinfection and deodorization,etc

dry fog humidifier


1. Portable humidifier set
No piping work necessary. Easy, convenient humidification. Portable humidifier set for immediate use at any place just with air supply.
2. Choose your fog.
Two types of spraying nozzle are available; 03-type for high quality fog (2.4 L/hr or 0.63 GPH)* and 03B-type for large volume fog (3.3 L/hr or 0.87 GPH)*.
*Spray volume per nozzle at air pressure of 0.3MPa.
3. High extensibility
Up to 4 nozzles can be mounted. A humidifier with 4 nozzles has large spraying capacity, maximum 13.2 L/hr (3.48 GPH) at air pressure of 0.3 MPa ( 43.5psi ).
4. Flexible operationality
Easy automatic control by Humidity Controller (optional).
5. Portable
Easily portable by attaching casters.
Main Industries of Application
Printing / Food / Electronics / Automotive / Painting / Agriculture and livestock / Chemical / Textile / Paper and Pulp / Plastic/ Ceramic / Air conditioning

Four Main Characteristics


Product name
Dry fog humidifier
Air pressure
Water pressure
Green, customized
Drop size
2.4L/h per nozzle, 9.6L/h for 4 nozzles
Spray angle
60-170 degree
Humidifying, Cooling, Anti-static, Dust control
Net weigh
dry fog humidifier

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