Siphon Air Atomizing Nozzle

Siphon Air Atomizing Nozzle

Dual fluid air atomizing nozzle
Spray Angle:
Refer to performance data
303, 316 stainless steel

Design Features:

Siphon/gravity fed air atomizing

For both round and fan sprays, within distance “B”, the spray maintains angle “A”. Outside distance “B”, the spray becomes turbulent and will be projected to distance “D”.

When using a siphon or gravity fed liquid system, the liquid is drawn in and is atomized in the air stream as it enters the air stream through the delivery line.

The air cap of round orflat fan pattern producesround or flat fan patternspraying.

*No.1158 and No.3162 gasketsshould be ordered separately fromthe spraydevice,but they are alsothey are parts of the standard spraynozzle.

Performance Data:

Siphon Air Atomizing Nozzle Design features

Round spray:

Siphon Air Atomizing Nozzle Round spray

Fan spray:


Siphon Air Atomizing Nozzle

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