Siphon Air Atomizing Oil Nozzle

Siphon Air Atomizing Oil Nozzle

Siphon air atomizing nozzle is a kind of air atomizing nozzle that can create the best atomizing effect under low pressure. It is widely used in diesel oil, heavy oil, waste residue oil, animal and plant oil, alcohol-based fuel combustion machine system, as well as kerosene, oil atomization.

siphon air atomizing oil nozzle

Product Technical Characteristics:

1. Atomizing and mixing oil droplet by using the cyclone of compressed air in the pipeline.

2. Small oil mist particles can be produced at low pressure and low gas volume.

3.Spray flow, angle and particle size can be adjusted by controlling air flow and pressure.

4. Larger fluid channel, so there is a good anti-blocking effect.

5. Excellent effect in liquid atomization of oil viscosity such as, heavy oil, waste oil combustion machine, oil.


1. Cool spraying & Moisturization

2. Mould lubricating

3. Spraying injection

4. Air disinfection


siphon air atomizing oil nozzle
siphon air atomizing oil nozzle
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