SJV-TC Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

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SJV-TC Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

Fluid Drive
Spray Angle:
Maximum pressure:
4000psi (276bar)
Spray shape:
Stainless steel with tungsten carbide inlay

Design Features:

The SJV-TC tungsten carbide nozzle provides high impact, has a fan-shaped spray and a hollow cone, and has a spray angle between 0°-110°. It is suitable for headers and spray rods. The spray produced by this nozzle is evenly distributed with fine to medium droplets. When several nozzles need to overlap and spray, the specially designed edges make the area covered by the spray evenly distributed.

Optional nozzle core inlay material: carbide, ceramic, gemstone

Dimensions and weight:


Performance Data:



Low pressure cleaning, chemical spraying, metal cleaning and processing, spray spraying, cleaning grease and flushing, component cleaning, spray cooling, pressure washing, sand, coal and gravel cleaning.

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