April 18, 2022

Recommendations for optimization of tank cleaning nozzles

CYCO Fixed Cleaning Spray Ball

7 practical tips for optimizing tank cleaning nozzles.
1. Use a filter
Ensure that there is no debris in the cleaning nozzles and fluid driven machinery by using a screen.
Particles in the oil can clog the nozzle, preventing rotation and resulting in insufficient cleaning. The use of in-line mesh filters prevents clogging, thereby extending the life of downstream equipment.
·The screen in the fine filtration system needs to filter the particles below 200 meshes (74 microns).
·The screen should be made of stainless steel to ensure its strength and corrosion resistance.
Make sure that each set of filters has a spare screen to ensure trouble-free operation.

2. Use the spray gun to ensure reasonable liquid flow
Cleaning performance will be compromised if the fluid flow is not delivered quickly and efficiently to the tank cleaning equipment, or if the nozzles are not positioned precisely in the tank.
Custom guns should be considered if the nozzle needs to be positioned to directly spray heavily soiled areas or degreasing lines, or if there are requirements for special connections, lengths, or materials.

3. Optimize the nozzle layout
Clean tank sections with adjustable ball joints. Clean the top half of the tank, then lower the unit and clean the bottom half of the tank or change the angle to clean hard-to-clean areas.

4. Reduce the cleaning cycle
Simple adjustments to pressure and flow can reduce the number of cycles required for thorough cleaning.

5. Recycling, saving costs
If you don’t need to use hazardous chemicals, or the cleaning water is debris-free, consider recycling your cleaning regimen.

6. Touch the switch to activate cleaning
The fixed installation of the tank cleaning nozzle can save time and reduce labor costs at the same time. If the temperature of the material to be cleaned or the temperature of the material will not damage the cleaning equipment, permanent fixed installation of the equipment should be considered.

7. Minimize streaks
The motor and liquid-driven tank cleaner can cover 360°, but the liquid column spray does not overlap when rotating, so there is still a small gap between the sprays. The farther the nozzle is from the tank wall, the larger the gap between the sprays. This gap can create a “stripe” effect.
The best way to minimize streaks is to use a 3-nozzle or 4-nozzle hub instead of the standard 2-nozzle hub. This is where streak minimization can be achieved.

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