March 4, 2022

Several methods of atomizing nozzle atomization

There are many methods for liquid atomization, and the commonly used atomization methods for atomizing nozzles are medium atomization and mechanical atomization. Each of these atomization methods has its own characteristics.

1. The medium atomization of the atomization nozzle atomization method. According to the different atomization medium, this atomization method is divided into bubble atomization and dynamic atomization.

The advantages of the bubble atomizing nozzle atomization method are that the air consumption is low, the atomization quality is high, and the atomization effect is basically not affected by the outlet diameter. Therefore, bubble atomization is more suitable for atomizing heavy, residual oil and other high-viscosity liquid fuels.

The principle of bubble atomization is to inject compressed air into the liquid in an appropriate way, and make the two form a stable bubble-like two-phase flow in the mixing chamber of the atomizing nozzle. The dramatic change in the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the bubble causes it to expand rapidly until it bursts, thereby further breaking the liquid film wrapped around it into finer liquid mist particles

The advantage of the pneumatic atomization nozzle atomization method is that good atomization effect can be obtained at lower fuel supply pressure, higher atomization quality can still be obtained when high viscosity fuel is used, and the working conditions can be used in larger adjustment within the range.

The principle of pneumatic atomization is to rely on a certain pressure of gas (compressed air or steam) to form a high-speed airflow, so that a high relative speed between the gas and the fuel is formed to achieve the purpose of atomization.

2. Mechanical atomization of atomization nozzle atomization method

The atomization method of the mechanical atomizing nozzle mainly relies on the high-speed jet generated by the fuel under the action of the pressure difference to atomize the fuel. It can be subdivided into direct injection, centrifugal and rotary atomization.

We all know that the liquid fuel can be formed into a liquid mist with tiny particles and uniform size through the atomization method of the atomizing nozzle to increase the contact area between the liquid fuel and the combustion air, promote evaporation, and make the fuel fully and effectively burned. The finer the atomization, the more complete the combustion. Therefore, choosing a good atomization nozzle atomization method is an important way to improve production efficiency and save energy.

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