CYCO Dry Fog Humidifier Nozzle System

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CYCO Dry Fog Humidifier System used for humidification and cooling purpose, it sprays a none wetting fog ideal for clean rooms, electronics industry and other sensitive working environment where wetting is an issue. With extreme portability, simple maintenance, adjustable spray angles, and precise humidity control, the high quality CYCO Humidifier Nozzle is an affordable, effective, and proven solution for your humidification and cooling needs.


Dry fog humidification system through gas and water two fluid mixing, and then through three times of gasification shear, the supersonic air from the nozzle is again particulate, and from the other nozzle is also the same particulate air in the center of the impact, repeatedly cut each other at the same time, 33,000-40,000 Hertz ultrasonic will be more particulate droplets. The principle of equalization atomization system realizes multi-stage atomization and achieves good spray effect. The diameter of spray particles is 5-7.5um.

Introduction Of Spray Humidification System​

The spray humidification system is composed of a dry mist humidifier + control components + installation components + air/water pipelines + humidity detection equipment + water quality filtration equipment.

The purpose of spray humidification is to artificially create mist through the spray humidification system. The particle size of this water mist is very small and can float in the air, and this fine mist can float in the air for a long time to reach the surrounding air. The effect of humidification, and will not wet materials and walls. Spray humidification not only has the effect of humidifying the surrounding air, but also has a certain cooling effect, anti-static effect (high humidity, the generation of static electricity is reduced), dust reduction, dust suppression and other effects.

Features of Dry Fog Humidifier Nozzle

  • High performance humidifier, most compact in the world, maximum humidifying capacity up to 9.6L/h (air pressure is 0.3MPa).
  • Quick disassembly, easy maintenance
  • Remarkable humidification effect, the national patented dry fog humidifier nozzle provides high-quality mist spray, with jet length over 4mm.
  • Use ultra-small water storage tanks, which can’t easily multiply bacteria.
  • Adopt high-tech nozzles, not easy to be blocked.
  • Automatic control by timer and controller.
  • No need to clean the humidifier if a pure water processor is used.

Advantages of spray humidification system

Main Industries of Application

CYCO Dry Fog Humidifier Nozzle System Main Industries of Application

Printing / Food / Electronics / Automotive / Painting / Agriculture and livestock / Chemical / Textile / Paper and Pulp / Plastic/ Ceramic / Air conditioning It is ideal for humidification in narrow space without wetting the wall.

Application of spray humidification system

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