January 12, 2022

Structure of Silicon Carbide Desulfurization Nozzle

Silicon carbide desulfurization nozzle is a nozzle made of silicon carbide. It is often used in power plant desulfurization. It is a new type of nozzle with high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. application. In order to adapt to different industries, silicon carbide nozzles with different structures are usually designed. Today, I will introduce the structure of some silicon carbide desulfurization nozzles.

1. Venturi nozzle is a silicon carbide nozzle composed of a Venturi-shaped throat and a micro-conical nozzle outlet that has improved cleaning efficiency than ordinary nozzles.
2. The combined structure nozzle is usually composed of different parts of materials through mechanical combination, and different parts are composed of materials with different properties.
3. Conical structure, with better diversion effect.
4. Cylindrical straight-hole nozzle, a nozzle with a relatively simple structure that has the functions of both nozzle and spray gun, and is often used in occasions with low requirements for sandblasting.
5. Special types of nozzles are usually used in special occasions, and the structure is also more complicated.

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