January 27, 2022

The difference between air atomizing nozzle and fine atomizing nozzle

1. Air atomizing nozzle: The air atomizing nozzle supplies liquid to the nozzle through pressure, and the liquid and compressed gas or gas are mixed internally to produce fine atomized spray. Air atomizing nozzles require a single air source to provide atomizing air. Some models are fitted with automatic air cylinders or clear cutout needles that require an additional air passage. All models require a flow path. Liquid flow channels are pressurized, equipped with siphon transfer or gravity transfer devices to transport liquid.​

2. Fine atomizing nozzle: The fine atomizing nozzle has very fine particles, forming a mist-like spray effect. Fine atomizing nozzles do not require the use of compressed air, and use hydraulic pressure to form a very fine atomized spray. Most fine atomizing nozzles have built-in filters. A variety of nozzles can be disassembled, and installation and cleaning are very convenient. Fine atomizing nozzles are wall mountable and can be installed on exterior walls, vessels and pipes.

It can be seen that whether it is an air atomizing nozzle or a fine fog nozzle, the functions are the same, and they are both to produce a very fine atomization effect.

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