February 16, 2022

The difference between single-fluid nozzles and two-fluid nozzles

1. Single-fluid nozzle: The nozzle of this structure is designed to use the pressure difference of the ejected medium to accelerate the ejected medium to a certain ejection speed at the nozzle mouth, so that the liquid is blown away under the eddy current effect and the interaction with the surrounding air. It erupted, perhaps forming mist droplets under the effect of the leaves. Typical representatives of this type of spray are solid cone nozzles and hollow cone nozzles.

2. Two-fluid nozzle: also known as two-fluid siphon atomizing nozzle, there are two types: siphon type and pressure type. The spray shape includes fan, cone and ring. The nozzle interface has two sizes of 1/4 and 1/2, and the flow range is very wide, ranging from 0.5L/h to 320L/h. There is a regulating flow device at the tail of the two-fluid siphon atomizing nozzle, which can adjust the flow within an appropriate range. The nozzle materials are widely used, including stainless steel, brass, plastic, etc., suitable for various industries.

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