February 28, 2022

The equipment composition of the spray dust removal system

Working principle:

The spray dust suppression system is sprayed in a very fine atomized state, and when sprayed into the air, it can quickly absorb dust particles of various sizes in the air, and the particles will fall when they accumulate a certain weight or volume, thus playing the role of dust removal. At the same time, it also effectively absorbs certain harmful gases, creating a comfortable and safe working environment for employees.

Spray dust removal system:

One is the sprinkler system. The main components of the water spray system are water supply devices, pipelines, electric ball valves and nozzles. The second is the electronic control system. The electronic control system is composed of the speed sensor, moisture meter, sensor, control box and microcomputer on the belt conveyor. The electronic control system in the dust removal system can effectively control the startup and shutdown of the water spray system, as well as the adjustment of the spray water volume of the water spray system.

Scope of application:

– Dust removal and cooling in the environmental protection industry, mines, opencast coal mines, coking plants, docks, steel plants, cement plants and other construction sites with relatively large dust;
– Large-scale sterilization, deodorization, and epidemic prevention in garbage dumps, public places, and after natural disasters.

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