March 9, 2022

The installation position of the nozzle in the wet flue gas desulfurization system

Wet flue gas desulfurization system needs to set the nozzle positions are:

1. Absorption tower slurry spray nozzle
The spray nozzle of the absorption tower atomizes the circulating slurry into fine droplets to increase the mass transfer area between the gas and liquid;

2. Flue gas flushing nozzle at the inlet of the absorption tower

The wet and dry interface of the flue at the inlet of the absorption tower is usually equipped with a flushing nozzle to remove the deposits that appear there;

3. Mist eliminator flushing nozzle
The mist eliminator flushing nozzle is used to flush the solids adhering to the mist eliminator plate;

4. Gypsum flushing (vacuum belt conveyor) nozzle
Gypsum flushing nozzles are used to flush soluble substances (mainly chlorides) in the gypsum filter cake;

5. Flue gas accident cooling nozzle
A nozzle is installed at the inlet flue of the absorption tower to cool the flue gas entering the absorption tower.

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