January 21, 2022

The principle of nozzle spray cooling

The spraying principle of spray cooling equipment: spray cooling is to mix a small amount of liquid in the pressure air flow to form a mist of gas and liquid through the spray to generate a high-pressure jet. be fully lubricated. This gas and liquid mixed fluid itself has a certain pressure and speed, its kinetic energy is large, and the ability to penetrate the cutting area is also very strong when it is injected into the cutting area.

Nozzle technology: The key technology of this nozzle is spray cooling technology, the key of which is whether the cooling liquid can be fully atomized. Therefore, a special atomizer is added to the design of the low-temperature micro-lubricated jet nozzle, so that the cooling liquid can be fully atomized.

Nozzle atomization process: The compressed air passes through the center hole of the low-temperature micro-lubricated jet nozzle body, and the cooling liquid is injected through the special hole for the cooling liquid, and the flow rate can be adjusted with a screw. This nozzle is a two-fluid nozzle, and the nozzle body is divided into two sections, which are connected by threads, which facilitates the machining of the coolant holes. The compressed air and the injected coolant are fully mixed in the nozzle body and sprayed out through the nozzle head. The connected nozzle body is an atomizer, so the compressed air and coolant can be fully mixed.

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