January 28, 2022

The principle of the pressure type atomizing nozzle

The principle of the pressure type atomizing nozzle is to realize the conversion of liquid pressure potential energy to kinetic energy by spraying the liquid flowing in the nozzle through a small hole at a high speed under the action of pressure, so as to achieve a higher flow relative to the surrounding gas. The atomization of the liquid is achieved through the strong shearing action between the gas and the liquid in the environment.

The atomization process of the liquid in the air atomizing nozzle is a process of competition between the pressure of the liquid and the surface tension and viscosity of the liquid. The surface tension of the liquid tries to keep the liquid spherical, and the viscosity of the liquid hinders the deformation of the liquid. When the external force is enough to overcome the surface tension and the viscosity of the liquid, the liquid breaks into many droplets.

The spray atomization process of the atomizing nozzle liquid:
1. The high-speed flow stage of the liquid inside the atomizing nozzle;
2. The stage in which the liquid is split into droplets by the liquid column after being sprayed from the atomizing nozzle;
3. The stage in which the droplets of the atomizing nozzle are further broken up in the gas.

The pressure nozzle is to deliver the liquid to the nozzle by external pressure, mix it inside the nozzle liquid cap and then spray it through the nozzle hole. The spray shape is controlled by the air cap, and the commonly used ones are fan, conical, and wide-angle circle.

When using the adjustable air atomizing nozzle fog particle size and flow, it can be adjusted according to actual needs, so as to achieve excellent spray effect: the liquid and air connection ports of the air atomizing nozzle can use quick connectors, and the air pipe and water pipe are usually Choose from 8 or 6 mm diameter.

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